February 2021 Update

Hello everyone

Monday 1st February 2021

Well another cold week and maybe a wee bit more snow to come. Lockdown continues and so does the roll out of the vaccine which keeps us hopeful. It has been lovely to get out for a walk when the sun is shining and great to have a quick chat as we pass. There are a few updates this week.

Kettins Parish Community Council
The Community Council usually meets on the third Thursday of the month but has not held regular meetings for some time, due to the COVID restrictions. However going forward the meetings will resume on their usual monthly cycle but online. The next meeting will be on Thursday 18th February 2021 at 7.30pm. If you wish to join the meeting, please email [email protected] for the log in details. If you wish to raise a topic for discussion but are not able to attend the meeting, please let the Community Council know. The Community Council has now purchased a Zoom licence and they are making it available for other community groups to use.

Kettins Community Book Library
We have been asked if a book give and take library could be provided in the village. So far a suitable cupboard has been found and it just needs a few adjustments and perhaps some bright paint and we will be ready to go. A few additional ideas have also come forward on the same vein and so perhaps not just books, but games and art materials too. Once a little more research has been completed, we will let you all know how to access it – and perhaps support the new resource as well.

Kettins Community Hub
We are awaiting the final completion certificate and then a final handover and we are ready to go! COVID allowing. There are still some resources to buy and get the hub ready to open once we can. If you have not yet bought a brick, then there is still a chance to get one. The booking form and contact details are now online at www.kettins.org  where you can also find the booking calendar. Clearly very empty at the moment.

Food Deliveries
Did you know that there are a great many local companies that deliver to your door or have a phone and collect service.
Robertson Dairy – deliveries a lot more than milk – cheese, eggs, orange juice, breakfast meat packs and a lot more besides. http://robertsonsdairy.co.uk/ 01250 874227
Butchers – James Pirie in Newtyle have a phone and collect service as well as one customer in the shop at a time. http://www.pirieandson.co.uk/ 01828 650301
Irvines (Kenneth Allan) – phone orders can be delivered to your door in Kettins. 01250 872477
Fish man – comes around the area on a  Thursday morning (Kettins village just about 11.00am) – listen out for the horn sounding
Beer – Abernyte Brewery deliver cases to 12 beers. Check what has been brewed and is in store and place you order. http://www.abernytebrewery.co.uk/ [email protected]
Potatoes –  as ever available at Grewar’s Farm at Ardler.
Moyness Nurseries – Plants, shrubs, fruit trees and flowers. Order and delivery only at the moment. http://www.moynessnurseries.co.uk/ 01250 873135
Blairgowrie Neighbourhood Food – www.neighbourfood.co.uk/blairgowrie for details of sellers. The Green Way shop is closed at the moment but orders can be collected by arrangement.

There are plenty more but this is just a selection.  If you have found a good local supplier, then let me know and I will share it.

NHS guidance
Whilst we are all staying at home, it is can be a difficult and lonely time. If you need some support there are a range of places to access it.

www.promis.scot provides some support for Mental Health and https://clearyourhead.scot/ gives some proactive ideas for self help

A new NHS leaflet gives a guide to the changing services that we can access and how to make contact. It is attached for your information. www.NHSinform.scot/right-care

Home Schooling
www.parentclub.scot has a wealth of information to help parents with ideas, activities and recipes.  PKC has also created a remote learning hub. A Remote Learning Hub is in place to help children, young people and families with home learning during lockdown. The have also created a quick guide to #pkcremotelearning for parents and carers. You can find this on the website at www.pkc.gov.uk/coronavirus/schools.

Well it is sometime since I made Eve’s pudding. My granny always made it when I went to visit. Looking for something simple to make but comforting, I decided to have a go. And low and behold, the taste was just like my grans! So here you are – really simple, store cupboard ingredients and only takes about 45 minutes all in.

Eve’s Pudding
Ingredients – 1lb of apples (peeled, cored and chopped) and 3 oz of demerara sugar. You can use eating apples if you don’t have cooking apples and reduce/omit the sugar, Grated rind of  one lemon and 1tblspn of water, 3oz butter, 3oz caster sugar, 1 egg beaten, 5oz self raising flour and milk to mix.

Grease an ovenproof dish and put in the apples in with the demerara sugar, lemon and water.
Cream together the butter and sugar until pale and then add the egg and beat in. Fold in the flour with a little milk to give a dropping consistency. This is stiffer than a cake mix. Spread the mix over the apples. Bake at 180 C for 40 minutes. Serve with custard. Enjoy!

Help available
If you have been called for a vaccine and not able to get there, please get in contact and we can help. Keep safe and if you need any support with shopping, prescriptions or any other question, then please do call (o1828 628169) or email. ([email protected])

If you have any community news that you wish to share, then please let me know and I will include it in the next news.

All the best

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