A Short History of Kettins (Peter Marsh)

Peter Marsh has kindly given his permission for us to put this wonderful booklet on our website:

A Short History of Kettins

“Peter Marsh lived in Verona on the Newtyle Road for many years and was an active member of the Church and Parish Council and Community Council. Peter¬†originated from Stoke on Trent from whence he was called up from his bank job to the army during the Second World war. He spent much of his time training in Scotland where he met Elizabeth (Betty) Duncan only daughter of Walter (Watt) and Margaret (Daisy) Duncan. Watt was to become head gamekeeper on Hallyburton estate. Peter and Betty married and after the war they stayed in Scotland with Peter working on the Pitlochry dam as wages clerk and was one of the last to finish up there. He then joined L O Tractors which later became Jack Oldings. From there he joined Remploy in Dundee as accountant, a position he held until he retired.

During his time in Kettins he was very active in the community and when the villagers wanted anything organised (other than sporting activities) they generally went to Peter. As a result he organised a youth club which ran in the village school. With support from Colonel Lindsay he ran a rifle club in Leys quarry and at butts constructed between Hallyburton house and the service road. Active in the church he took on the role of running the Sunday School. When the Parish Committee was formed he became Secretary, a post he held for many years.”

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