Thursday 21st May 2020

Hello everyone.

What a beautiful day it has been. The flowers are getting planted out in the garden and even the hanging baskets are now in place. Let’s hope for no more chilly nights! The Scottish Government has announced some changes to lockdown, but we will maybe need to wait a bit longer til next Thursday to know exactly the details. But there is light at the end of this ‘tunnel’.

The volunteers have been out this week and handing out leaflets with updated guidance for the local residents as well as a wee reminder of the Kettins group contact details.  If you know of anyone who could use some help with shopping etc, then please let them know the contact details for the support group. And the Kettins Wee Store – see below.

The Kettins Wee Store is going to be open on a Monday from 10.00am – 11.00am in the Church Hall. It has a range of goods and all you need to do is have something to swap to participate. So for now there is pasta, pasta sauce, flour (SR, plain and strong), yeast, caster sugar, brown sugar, sweet condensed milk. Soups, and some tines of food. Tissues, toilet paper etc. Potatoes and eggs. So if you need any of these things please come along on Monday. If you are not able to, then please get in contact with Sarah Cox. 01828 627412.

In addition, there will be a plant stall/swap. So bring along any spare plants that you may have or come and take what you need. Tomato, cherry tomato, courgette, cabbage and cauliflower – to name but a few. We will also have local strawberries for sale at £2 a box. A one way system will be in operation to meet the social distancing requirements.

Face Coverings/Masks – Face coverings/masks are being sourced from a local maker. If anyone in the local community would like one, please email or call Pat Rae on 07715 256251. They are free of charge. Sizes M, L and XL or children’s size. We have already distributed a good number, so please just get in contact.

Coupar Angus Community Larder – Are looking for donations. Things they are short of most:  tinned meat e.g. stew, tinned meals e.g. macaroni, pies, 〰️ juice, 〰️ cereal, 〰️ toiletries (particularly men’s), 〰️ tinned veg, 〰️ tinned soup.  These can be handed into the Larder or at the Kettins Wee Store on a Monday in the Kettins Church Hall.

New service – we offered this last week and have had a few requests.  We can collect and deliver Sunday papers for residents. If you live in the Keillor, Kettins, Markethill or Campmuir area, please get in contact by 4pm on Saturday ( or 01828 628169) to book your paper. The person that delivers it will arrange for payment to be collected.

New Products

Eassie Asparagus
– Only available for a short time so hurry! Collect from Eassie Home Farm. Contact 01307 8440303 to check availability.

Lost Orchards Cider, Muirhead – Locally produced award-winning cider. Cases delivered locally.  Visit


Well none this week! May I suggest just some fresh asparagus, lightly boiled, with a little butter and some grated parmesan. Yum!

Tonight is a Thursday so #clapforcarers at 8pm.

If you need some help or finding a service, please just give us a call.

Keep Safe


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