Friday 10th July

Well the progress towards lifting the lockdown continues but, of course, with that comes more changes to the ‘rules’. The most notable is the facemask wearing. A lot has been written and discussed about this and what is the most appropriate. So here are two bits of advice. First from the Scottish Government. The clear and official line.

Then something a bit different! And fun!

Saskatoon picking

It is that time of year when the blackbirds and I go into  a war of wills! They try to get around the nets and I try to get the picking done before they get there. The bush is getting too big for the nets now and so for next year a new plan will need to be hatched. This year though I had a ‘squad’ to help. (see attachment) Train them young, I say. The season only lasts a couple of weeks, so it is pick and freeze as well as make pies etc.

Kettins Wee Store

This will be open on a Monday at 10.00am – 11.00am again. We are hoping for a sunny morning – but we will have to wait and see. Face Covering will be mandatory and so please wear one. Face coverings are available at the Store or by request from [email protected]   Please come along and if you have produce to share, then that is great too. Table berries (strawberries and raspberries) are available on the day but if you want some jam berries, then please pre order them through me. Strawberries and Raspberries available this week.  We do have some spares but we don’t want you to be disappointed.   There are always a few plants that are added to the exchange table, so you never know what treats await you each week. As usual potatoes, eggs and groceries See you all there.

We are also a collection point for the Coupar Angus Food Larder, so please bring along anything that you can spare and put into the box. Thank you.

How has COVID affected you?

From PKC: To help everyone recover from the impacts of the COVID 19 virus, Perth & Kinross Council are embarking on a programme of recovery and renewal. We need to learn from the experiences of the pandemic and build an ever better Perth and Kinross with the people who live, work and invest here. We want to develop a stronger economy and become a more sustainable and prosperous place to live and work. 

Please help by taking a few minutes to complete the consultation (link below) so you can get involved in helping everyone in Perth and Kinross to live life well.


Fruit Fool

Take any fruit but the bitter ones like gooseberry and rhubarb work well. Custard and whipped double cream. Mixture is ½ fruit (crushed and sweetened if needed), ¼ cream, ¼ custard (this can be made or use a ready made pot). Combine all the ingredients and chill till ready to eat. They can be in small pots or in one large dish for serving at the table. Serve with boudoir (or similar) biscuits.

If you are seeing family this weekend, then enjoy. If you are going to support your local café or pub with a drink or food in the outside seating, then appreciate it and enjoy. If you are having a nice quiet weekend at home, then enjoy that too. The sun is meant to shine and it is summer time in Scotland.

F  – wear a Face covering
A – Avoid crowded places if you can
C – Clean your hands often
T – Try and keep Two metres apart
S – Self isolate and get a test if you think that you have the virus.

Keep safe


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