Saturday 25th July 2020

Hello everyone

Well the rain is tipping down this morning, so I have a chance to get an update out to you all. The last couple of weeks it has been grandchildren and gardening as well as work! The saskatoon bush has one more picking and then the blackbirds can have the rest. The vegetables are all coming along but I should say that I have been battling with various bugs and diseases in the different plants! No real disasters though – which is a miracle. The pick of the year are the sweet peas they are flowering really well and continue to do so.

Face Coverings ~
How is the new normal working? Are you getting a fancy facemask? Or do you prefer a plain blue or black one? Our curling club are looking at having matching facemasks in club colours, even with a badge! It is amazing how we can all bring our own personality to something as simple as a facemask. It has become a new fashion item, but if that means that people will wear a mask, especially those that are concerned about their ‘street cred’ then bring it on. One of the challenges which I have noticed is that you can smile at people as you pass but they can’t see it. We need to make sure that our smiles reach our eyes. Of course for those with hearing difficulties that need to lip read, it is a greater problem if they cannot see you lips. But of course someone has solved that problem by creating masks with a ‘window’. All my ramblings are saying is, let’s embrace the changes that we need to make to stay safe and give them our own special take.

Kettins Support Group

There has been much discussion about what now? This is not just our group but those in the surrounding areas too. In the Kettins group, the decision has been taken to cease with the Wee Store. We know that those that were attending enjoyed the company and the catch up, but the need for groceries was no longer a real requirement. Any surplus food and supplies have been passed onto the Coupar Angus Community Larder which is continuing. So we are closing the Wee Store but the volunteers are planning something to replace it which will start in August. So watch the facebook and web page for details. Whatever we introduce will need to be planned, safe and have a group of volunteers to run it.

The other services that the group were offering will continue to be available upon request. Many of those that needed deliveries have now matched up with their local volunteer and are being supported in a neighbourly way. What a great legacy of such a terrible time. So the message is – yes we are still able to help and please get in touch through [email protected] if you require support, but it will be a reactive service going forward. Much of the learning has been valuable to our community going forward and connections made will be maintained as we look to offer a longer term support.

New Kettins Community Hub

Those living in Kettins will have been able to see the progress on the hub building – see photo. The contactors have done a great job getting back on site and are making up time with a hope that the hub will be open in November. That means that activities (all physical distancing requirements in place) can start to be run from then. Once again more news on this on the facebook and web page. The plans that we had for a grand opening and new activities are being reassessed to fit in with the timing (weather!!!) and the distancing rules. Exciting times. Many thanks to all of those that have worked so hard to get to this point and to our funders and sponsors. (Brick sponsorship will close at the end of August so if you have not yet ‘bought’ a brick and want to do so, please get in contact)

Recipes and ramblings

I don’t have a recipe this edition but suffice to say that you all know by now the favourites in our house. Going forward, this will be the last regular email news but there may be ‘special’ editions if there is some information to share. We all hope and pray that a second lockdown will not be needed, but we cannot know. This news update was started as a way of sharing where to get the basics of food but has grown into a rambling chat….  I am amazed when I meet people and they have read it, as they are not on my email list. So thank you to all of those that have shared and it is good to know that folks were able to use the information at a time of need.

A special thank you to all of the local volunteers who have run errands, given support and feedback as well as opening the Wee Store every Monday.

Signing off for now.


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