Saturday 20th June 2020

This week we had more news of the restrictions being lifted, especially for those that have been shielding category or in self isolation. We are now learning new terms like ‘bubbles’ and getting an understanding of physical distancing. Who knew??? It is a quite an exercise to keep up with all the subtle changes but I heard a great quote from one of the commentators/advisors. ‘If you think that it’s not allowed and it doesn’t seem safe, then don’t do it.’

So this week I am harvesting the first cucumbers. It is the first time that I have grown them so I am quite chuffed! I am also harvesting carrots which I have never grown before. My grandson wanted carrots for the garden, so undaunted at such a request and fearful of carrot fly, I planted up two large pots. One for me and one for him to have in his garden. We have compared notes and exchanged photos to monitor progress. I am not sure whether this comes under home schooling or just plain rivalry but mine are ready first. I will get to see the results of his work tomorrow. As the veg is doing great and getting my attention, the weeds are popping up undisturbed!

Kettins Wee Store

We had a great response to the Wee Store last Monday and it will continue for another two weeks, at least. Just a reminder that you can collect what you need and leave either a monetary donation or a donation of goods. Goods should be non perishable. All the gardens are now producing an array of vegetables and so there is always a different selection as well as potatoes. (I did hope to have a couple of cucumbers but they are not quite ready yet!)

There will be strawberries and raspberries too. We have been asked for ‘jam’ berries and this week there will be second class strawberries available. If you want these can you please let us know, as people usually take a larger quantity of them, so we can make sure we get enough. We will also have face masks available. These are now becoming a requirement in some situations, so please collect one if you have not done so.

Even if you do not particularly need an ‘exchange’, please walk/cycle along if you can and have a 2 metre distanced chat; the weather forecast for Monday look fine and sunny too.

Coupar Angus Community Larder
This is running every Tuesday and Friday in the old Bank of Scotland (Growbiz) building. Please use this resource if you are requiring support as they have a range of goods. If you are not able to travel to Coupar Angus then please call 07864 743017 and they can deliver to you.

Sunday papers
We are continuing this service, if you want a paper then please let me know on a Saturday.

Lemony prawn and courgette tagliatelle  – for all those people that are about to have a surfeit of courgettes! A really refreshing and simple dish

Courgette (grated), prawns (raw or pre cooked can be used), garlic, chilli (or chilli flakes), lemon, parsley.

Fry the courgettes, add the chilli and garlic. Cook the tagliatelle. Add the other ingredients to the courgette mix and cook, then stir in the pasta. Serve with a glass of chilled white wine.

Keep safe and enjoy meeting up with family over the weekend.


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