Thursday 11th June 2020

The sun has come back out again today which is very welcome. I have planted out the final vegetables in the garden and they are all netted and protected against the Kettins wildlife! Whether I am successful or not, time will tell. We had a good response to the Kettins Wee Store last week and it will run again next Monday at 10.00am outside the church hall. As well as the usual groceries there are lettuce, strawberries and some plants. This week we were donated a wooden plant planter – so looking for an owner for it. We are never sure what will appear each week.

Last Sunday would have been the Kettins Village Fete and the weather was really good. For many of you who have walked around the village, you will have noticed the new village community hall. Unfortunately lockdown has stopped all building work but we are hopeful of getting started again soon. Getting back to normal means the return of annual events like the Fete but also the monthly village lunches. Let’s hope we can welcome you all again to these activities soon.

As the lockdown reduces, then so will some of the support that is required.  The Kettins Support Group will continue to support the people in the area while we are needed. So please get in contact if you need some support.

Where to buy local goods and food:  This list has grown a life of its own! As we go forward and the shops begin to open up we are changing the information that we supply. It is almost impossible to keep up with the changing hours etc. A new signposting service will be coming soon and will be posted on the Kettins web pages so that they can be searched in the future.

One note this week is that the Eassie asparagus is finished for this year. So if you will have to wait until next year to enjoy it.

Hopefully we will see some of you at Kettins Church Hall on Monday.

Keep safe and we will send out more information as it becomes available


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