Thursday 30th April 2020

Another week goes by. I discover that my new found skill and enthusiasm for cycling is a fair weather hobby! After all the good weather, we do need some rain. The garden is looking great but rain will just help everything to blossom.

This week is about helping people in the community with some new services and supports that are available.

The website has all the updates that are being sent out. So if you need to go back and find something, it will be there. Highlight today is scams – both on your doorstep and on line. gives some guidance on this. Please make sure that you know what links you are clicking onto! I have heard of emails that ask you to click onto your phone bill to make sure you stay connected but it is a way to get access to your account details. this is some advice from Co op bank.

Support for People
The Scottish Welfare Fund – At this time, there may be people who have reduced income or no income due to the current crisis. We have been asked to information with the community. People on low incomes may be able to access a crisis grant to tide them over until their next wage/payment. Applications can be made online: or can be made via telephone: 01738 476900

Coupar Angus Community Larder
The Larder has opened its doors in the Growbiz (old Bank Building) in Coupar Angus. It is to support those struggling to afford food during the COVID crisis. Supplies include tinned meals, toiletries, veg and fruit tins, tinned meats/meals, tuna, UHT milk and much more. They also have pens, pencils, books and supplies for children being home schooled. There is no charge to anyone who needs this help and it is open for anyone. If you want to find out more to please call 07864 743017 or find them on facebook. The Larder is open Tuesdays and Fridays from 10.00am – 2pm.  Donations to the Larder – can be made on the days that it is open or by handing them into the Bits and Bobs shop in Coupar Angus. They are especially looking for pens, pencils and books etc.

Home Energy Scotland
Home Energy Scotland are currently operating a comfort fund – the comfort fund is for vulnerable people who are on low income or who have perhaps experienced a loss of or decrease in their income, due to the current situation, and require some additional help towards their energy bills or heating their property. If you think that you may be eligible for this fund then get in touch with Home Energy Scotland via the free phone number: 0808 808 2282.  See attached leaflet.

Booklore Book Donations
Booklore have started a new service to deliver books. If you are interested phone 01250 871120 and tell them what type of books you like and our volunteers will select 3 on your behalf and will have them delivered to your home. See attached leaflet.

New suppliers
Just AliBob at Cairn O Mhor who are delivering cooked meals and cakes. See the web site or go to the facebook page.

New Recipe added – Marvellous Meat Loaf

Keep safe.


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